Atharva Alumni Association



You are our valued ambassador and we would want your continued association with ACE. You are an integral part of ACE fraternity, present achievements and future hopes. You are our flag bearers in various parts of the country and across the sphere. What you have collectively accomplished is in a great measure responsible for the ever-growing tradition and reputation of Atharva College of Engineering as one of the best engineering education institute.

Atharva College of Engineering has been working to fortify its connection with our alumni over the past years. You can remain involved with the college in many ways. First and foremost, please keep us posted on where you are and what you are doing through our online registration form.

I invite you to contribute effectively in shaping the careers of your junior batches through employee referrals, job opportunities, and workshops on how the students can utilize their education and acquired skills in the industry. The Alumni Workshops are aiming to provide a broad mix of experiences, perspectives, and research interests to the existing students.

We have a some exciting initiatives planned for the forthcoming year, including a mentoring program that puts you, our alumni, directly in touch with current and prospective students. I hope you all will like to be a part of this endeavor where we both together will work in getting our students trained, focused and placed.

“Alumni Meet 2017-18”

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