AICTE Soft Skills Testing

Summary of AICTE Soft skill Talent test

S. No. Department No. of students SE TE BE
1. CMPN 185 75 77 33
2. EXTC 14 00 00 00
3. IT 301 70 101 130
4. HAS 00 00 00 00
5. ELEC 00 00 00 00
6. ELEX 198 72 61 65

As per the directives of AICTE (attached), please schedule and ensure all students in your institute to appear for an online Skill tests –

Please publicize these online skill tests link –> in your college website so that max students can get benefit from this association.

All institutes under AICTE affiliation have to make sure that their students give these tests to build an online profile to get opportunities.

Under the agreement the tests, profiling & JOB/Internship opportunities is made completely FREE for all students & colleges.

You are requested to please ask “ALL” your students to

      1. Give a small Online Talent Test :

All students must give any 2 tests of their choice at

Note :
This test will take 5 mins and can be given from web or mobile both from anywhere. Students can give on the college computer labs or from homes too.
It assess their skills like Aptitude, Communication Skills, Engineering or Management through online tests in sets of 10 questions only. The more they score in these tests, better are their chances of being contacted by Recruiters.

      1. Colleges gets access to Admin panel and other premium services at

“No Cost”

Search your college profile here: and call us in case of any query at 9818826705