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Ministry of Human Resource Development Initiatives of AICTE
Sr. Program Description In charge
Induction Training Induction training to reinforce the fundamental concepts and the required language skills required for the technical education Dr. Ritu Sharma
Mr. Sameer R Katakdounde
Industry consultation committee (ICC) Every affiliating Technical University shall constitute subject wise industry consultation committee (ICC) with the mandate of examining the existing curriculum and for making suitable changes in the curriculum every year. Mr. Santosh Dodamani
Ms. Priti Rumao
Mr. Kishor Bhosale
Mandatory internships Three internships each spanning 4 to 8 weeks before completion of the under­graduation Ms. Sheetal Bhatia
Mr. Neelesh Murugan
Industry Readiness All students passing out of the undergraduate courses shall be imparted technical and soft skills required for working in the industry encompassing – managerial skills, entrepreneurial skills, leadership skills, communication skills, team­working skills and technical skills Dr. Ritu Sharma
Dr. Sudipta Roy Chowdhury
Promoting innovation / start­ups There shall be efforts at every level for promoting innovation and creativity in the students. The innovation drives like Hackathon shall be promoted, so that innovative ideas would emerge that can be incubated in the start­up centres. Mr. Samul Jacob
Ms.Deepali Maste
Ms. Garima Gurjar
Mr. Mohan Kumar
Exam Reforms The final exams being conducted by the institutions shall test the understanding of the concepts and the skill – rather than the subject knowledge. A model exam format would be prepared and shared with the institutions and the technical universities for suitable adoption. This aspect would be reviewed at the time of approval Dr.B B Sonawane,
Mr. Nirajan Samudre
Training of teachers Online courses would also be prepared and delivered through the SWAYAM platform for improving the pedagogical techniques of the teachers. The participation in the courses by at least 50% of the faculty would be a mandatory condition for approval of the institution. Similarly, there should be leadership training to the heads of the institutions once in 2 years. Mr.Mahendra Patil,
Mrs. Neelima Pathak
Mandatory accreditation At least half of all the programmes in the technical institutions shall be accredited through the NBA before 2022. Dr. Shrikant Kallurkar