Robotics Center

Atharva College of Engineering, jointly with KUKA Robotics, has set up Industrial Robotics Training Centre for Educational Institutions at ACE Malad(W).
The ACE’s Robotics Training Center is India’s second and Maharashtra’s first industrial training center in the Engineering colleges. ACE has set up Robotic center in order to train students in Advanced Automated Manufacturing and produce highly skilled technical manpower in the field of Industrial Robotics. The trained manpower will help Indian Manufacturing Industry to adopt latest technologies to improve quality and work.

  • The centre is equipped with standard training cell comprising of KUKA KR-16-2 Industrial Robot with required auxiliary equipments.
  • This training cell is capable of performing multitude of operations used by the automobile, and other manufacturing/Production industries.
  • In addition to this, a robotics computer simulation lab is also being established with latest industrial robotics simulation Software like Sim Pro & Sim Layout, used to design, develop and simulate robotic operations for different manufacturing establishments.
  • At ACE Robotic center provide realistic, theoretical and practical training on KUKA robots. With Robotic center ACE’s students can learn to utilize the latest automation technology while applying Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.
  • Expenditure of this robotic cell along with full furnished computer lab cum lecture hall is approximately above Rs.1 crore.
  • This highly equipped robotics center will be the milestone in the field of technical education. If the students can practice on industrial robot which he/she going to handle after joining the industry naturally the candidate becomes industry ready.

Report on Atharva Robotic Center
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