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This Virtual Classroom facility is meant to bridge the physical distance between teachers and students who are at different physical locations. For example, students at ACE Mumbai can attend a class that is being held at COEP Pune and ask live questions to the teacher present there and vice-versa.

The Virtual Classroom facility which has been christened as Atharva Virtual Classroom is capable of transmitting and receiving interactive high-definition video classes across the globe through internet. This room is also equipped with campus LAN and Wi-Fi facility.

Atharva’s Virtual Classroom ( 2015 – till date)


“To provide optimal Quality of Online lectures with respect to audio / video quality, best innovative topic with the best speaker from any part of the world”
Atharva’s Virtual Classroom is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities which enable professors and students to attend and deliver high definition live video classes from any device, any location and using any platform with the help of Atharva’s WizIQ technology.

Software Used:


Hardware Used:

Wacom Digital Pen

Summary Sheet for Virtual Classroom Report for each department for last three academic years:

Features of ACE’s Virtual classroom:

  • All the different horizons are covered (Technical / Non Technical /softskills)
  • High Quality Audio Video Quality
  • Two Way Interactive sessions
  • Location constraint is removed. (Student can be at any location)
  • Use of any device (Mobile phone , laptop) to attend sessions by experts.
  • Faculties and students can use equipments from virtual classroom to broadcast their own sessions via internet.

Below data shows contribution of Virtual classroom to the development of students and faculties in all the horizons.

Academic year 2014-2015 Academic year 2015-2016 Academic year 2016-2017 Academic Year 2017-2018 Academic Year 2018-2019 Total
INFT 9 15 12 11 54 101
CMPN 8 7 11 8 37 71
EXTC 8 6 3 2 39 58
ELECTRONIC 3 9 3 3 15 33
ELECTRICAL 1 9 9 8 15 42
HAS 0 0 0 11 16 27


Virtual Classroom in First Half 2018:

Work done for Virtual Classroom till Feb-2018:

  • Virtual Classroom is now added with WizIQ technology , so that students can use any device to attend virtual classroom sessions from any location.
  • Conducted virtual classroom sessions from experts within and outside India.
  • Completed with the remuneration process at accounts department for all the sessions.
  • Have tentatively scheduled sessions having experts from Industries and other institutes within and outside India.
  • Worked on hardware named “Wacom Digital Pen” for conducting smooth virtual classroom sessions

Below is the list of virtual classroom session organized using the software WIZIQ

1 CMPN Mr. Harsh Shinde (United States) MS in US TE / BE (INFT)
2 INFT Mr.Venkat C. Digital Signature TE
3 INFT Mr. Mayuresh Vartak HTML TE
4 HAS Prof. Poonam Deshpande Numerical Integration FE

All the sessions delivered via Atharva’s WizIQ will have 100% copyrights to our college and all the session will be available for Atharva’s digital library for life time. Each session will be appended with the logo of our college giving 100% rights to us.

Official url for this new portal of Atharva’s Virtual Classroom

Below link shows working of Atharva’s Virtual Classroom using WizIQ technology

Below link is one sample virtual session delivered by alumni of our college using WizIQ technology

Upcoming Activities:
1. To make Atharva’s virtual classroom open to all via Google Cloud
2. To facilitate students and faculties of Atharva to share their sessions on globe with Atharva’s virtual classroom WizIQ platform
3. To make students enable to attend live sessions (by experts) from their mobile phones at any time and from any location thus making virtual classroom available 24 by 7.
4. All the recorded virtual sessions will be available in Atharva’s Digital library for students to replay it any time whenever required.
5. To Make available best speaker from respective horizon from any part of the world via Atharva’s virtual classroom.