IUCEE Report 2018-19


The objective of IUCEE ACE is to train faculty members and enhance the quality of education imparted to students in various disciplines. An ecosystem has been built emphasizing faculty and student development, improved teaching pedagogies and promoting engineering education research.


IUCEE-ACE, a centre established with the vision of improving quality of engineering education and an ecosystem has been built by ACE faculty members with the help of Academia and Industry experts which includes workshops, Seminars, Faculty conclaves, Live IUCEE virtual academy webinars, networking opportunities between engineering educators across the country. ACE organizes various inter-disciplinary programs for faculty members and students which provides an excellent platform for faculty members to learn new technologies, tools and software’s. ACE has also initiated the IUCEE-SCALE platform for active involvement of students and motivating them to participate in Global Student Forums and understand global relevance of engineering education.

Faculty Conclave on “Effective Teaching Pedagogies Utilization and Measurement” at Atharva College of Engineering on 17th & 18th September, 2018.
Inspired by the grand success of the faculty conclave of previous year, the IUCEE Gurukul Team have taken further step to conduct faculty conclave on “Effective Teaching Pedagogies Utilization and Measurement”.
Conclave Session consisting of

  • Presentation Skill and Active learning by Dr. Sameer Sahasrabudhe (IITB)
  • Flipped Classroom, Think Pair Share, Video Lecture Preparation by Prof. Poonam Deshpande
  • Teaching Learning Through Course Networking by Prof. Mahendra Patil.

Live IUCEE virtual academy webinars (Over all report 2017-2018))

S. No. Department Webinar Attended
1. CMPN 106
2. INFT 00
3. EXTC 87
4. ELEC 71
5. ETRX 30

Live IUCEE virtual academy webinars(Over all report Feb 2016-2017)

S. No. Department Webinar Attended
1. CMPN 136
2. INFT 111
3. EXTC 131
4. ELEC 103
5. ETRX 107

IUCEE- Gurukul at ACE
IUCEE –ACE Gurukul has organized three days faculty conclave on “Effective Integration of Out-Come Based Education”. Aim of this workshop was to learn and implement Outcome based Education with following objectives: – Basic principles of lesson planning and learning objectives, course outcomes and CuVis tool for effective ICT Integration to attain OBE. Understanding teaching learning process, one to one interaction with students and discussion, students feedback, Faculty profile creation, Video lectures creation, Faculty presentation on OBE and hands on training on Course Networking. Active learning strategies for effective OBE implementation.

Atharva College faculty paper presentation in ICTIEE 2017
Atharva College of Engineering faculty presented paper in International Conference on Transforming Engineering Education (ICTIEE 2017) at Bennett University, New Delhi.

IUCEE Gurukul Summit
ACE faculty participation in 1st IUCEE Gurukul summit at KLE Technological university hubballi, Prof. Kishor Bhosale and Prof. Vishwajeet Goswami represented ACE in IUCEE Gurukul summit.